Look inside, you have everything you desired for. - Moksha Yadav

Career Counseling Workshop

The Moksh International School is conducting a Career Guidance and a Career Counseling Workshop for Grade 9-12 Students [ Also Open to External Students ]

Date: 23-02-2024
Time: 11:00 AM
Venue: TMIS Library

Featuring Guest Speakers:

Yoggesh Julkka [ Business Professional ]
Pushpa Joshi [Corporate Trainer & Deputy Director at GD Goenka University ]
Sabiha Farhat [Orator & Specialist in Mass Communication & Journalism ]


The Walk-in Interviews are being held offline at The Moksh International School on 1st March 2024.

Job Openings For

NTT Teacher [ All Subjects ]
PRT Teacher [ All Subjects ]
TGT Teacher [ All Subjects ]
PGT Teacher [ All Subjects ]
Computer Teacher
Assistant Teacher
Activity Teacher [ Dance, Music, Art & Craft ]
Sports Academy Coach [ Basketball, Cricket, Volleyball ]

Moksh International School is located in the heart of Gurugram on one and a half acres of land and is the oldest school in the city. The school was established in the year 1990. It’s been more than three decades since the school has given values and virtues along with education.

The infrastructure is designed in an experiential manner and duly equipped with modern architecture that offers holistic development to students on various levels, from spiritual to academic via mental, physical, and social development. A first-class sports academy and the laboratories have all the new age equipment. Technology is also being integrated into the education system at Moksh International School through projectors, screens, and audio-visual equipment.

Yoga is an integral part of the school as thrice a week students perform yoga and practice meditation, focusing on their mindfulness from a very young age. We, at Moksh International School, believe in the spiritual growth of our students in this modern world. Simple techniques to keep themselves stable are what they learn and consequently, our students feel free from all the stress and stay happy.

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MOKSH for me is soul. This name represents the soul of the school. In today's world, everyone is working towards the enhancement of outer structure but MOKSH will work on the soul level of every student in the school. “When things change inside you, things change around you”. This is the core and central idea of this name, which focuses on helping students find their true purpose in life while people are just doing jobs that they don't like and are stuck in the rat wheel where they are living a robotic life. This happens because no one taught them in school to dig deep inside themselves to find out what they want and what is the purpose of their life.

THE MOKSH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL ensures that students live a life that is full of passion and compassion.

Why Moksh International?

Sports Infrastructure

From track and field to cricket, our diverse sports facilities cater to a range of interests. Our team of experienced coaches nurtures talent, instills discipline, and guides students on their journey to excellence.

Mental & Emotional Intelligence

In our school, every student is embraced with compassion and understanding. We foster an environment where they can express their emotions and thoughts openly. It also builds emotional resilience and strengthens their sense of belonging.


Our partnership with the British Council has opened up a world of international opportunities for our students. Our students have the chance to explore and broaden their horizons through unique global experiences.


Prime Edufolk's Personality Development Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to empower individuals with the skills & attributes crucial for thriving in today's dynamic world. It goes beyond traditional academic frameworks, addressing aspects such as communication, leadership & interpersonal skills.


Moksh International School has recently made its association with DELNET (Developing Library Network), New Delhi, located in Jawaharlal Nehru University Campus, New Delhi. However, it is easily accessible online for students as well.

National Cadet Corps [ NCC ]

In the coming year, NCC will become part of Moksh International School for the betterment and benefit of students.

Chanderjit Income Tax Inspector

I passed out my 12th class in 2013. The whole of my childhood was happily spent amongst my best friends as I joined the school in kindergarten. I found the teachers so much cooperation with students in study as well as sports.

Sombir Yadav Sub Inspector

I am glad to be a student of Moksh International School. It is one of the best schools. My teachers played an important role in my life as they supported me, and helped me. I learned to be disciplined and that helped me a lot in shaping my future.

Gajender Quality Engineer in Paramjyoti Movers Pvt. Ltd

I have completed my school life at The Moksh International School, Sector-78. I had made many good friends. The faculty of this school is commendable and supportive as they helped me in every aspect whether it is study and in all other fields.

Neha Yadav Operation Analyst

I would recommend this school. The teachers make a difference and are so encouraging! The exam preparation course is efficient and helps a lot to improve the weak parts. I have spent 14 years of my life in The Moksh International School from LKG to 12th.

Ashish General Physician [MBBS] at Civil Hospital, Chandigarh

If there is something I would choose to go back and relive in my life, that would be the time I spent at The Moksh International School(TMIS). The Milestones that I was supposed to achieve were all done, taught, and shaped at this amazing place with wonderful teachers.

Kartik Co-pilot at Jhankar Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

I am immensely grateful for the education I received at The Moksh International School, which laid the foundation for my journey to become a pilot. The knowledge and discipline instilled in me by the school's dedicated faculty have been instrumental in my aviation career.

Jatin Restaurant Manager at L'Auberge du Château, France

I want to express my gratitude to my alma mater, Moksh International School, where I passed out in 2016. Currently, I manage a renowned restaurant in France, and I truly believe that the education, guidance, and values I received at MIS have been the building blocks of my career success.

Akshi Yadav Tech lead at HCL Technologies

I feel proud to be a student of such a prestigious school, The Moksh International School. I have completed my schooling till 10th standard from this school in 2006. I am feeling short of words to express the hard work of teachers and management in shaping my future.

Life @Moksh International